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Palestinian Non-Governmental Organizations in Palestine and Diaspora (PNGO)

PNGO & Donors Services

Consultant Connection

Consultant Connection

Whether it's advice or actual support, whether you need a little guidance or in-depth assistance, Consultant Connection makes it easy to find consultants who specialize in, and are referred by, non-governmental organizations.

Publishing Websites

Websites Development

Free website assessments, cost-effective consultations, and customized solutions — We help you determine your NGO’s website goals and strategy and leverage the right tools and technology to engage your followers and funders.

Digital Marketing

Free assessments, expert-guided marketing plans, and customized campaign solutions — We help you define your goals, build your plan, launch your campaigns and manage your digital marketing needs.

PNGO Services


Fundraising & Partnerships

* Planning & Strategy
* Campaign & Development Management
* Data Analytics and Research
* Partnering with Donors, NGOs, Companies, and professional consultants

Consulting Services

* Graphic Design Consultancy
* Websites Development Consultancy
* Digital Marketing Consultancy
* Digital Fundraising Consultancy

Training and Webinar

Training & Webinar

* Communications & Fundraising
* Digital Marketing
* 21st Century Skills
* Graphic Design

Capacity Development

Capacity Development

Whether in NGOs, the private sector, international organisations or public institutions, we work together to build stronger systems and skills, building initiatives that deliver capacity.

Web Design

Graphic Design

* Websites Design and App Design
* Logos, Typography and Image Libraries
* Infographics, Brochures, Menus, Posters
* Newsletters, Books, Newspapers,
Directories, Magazines, & Annual Reports

Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation

Together with our clients, we discern which digital technologies provide realistic value now. We look at which technology is scalable and can improve efficiency across the organisations.

Donors Services

Advisory Services

Advisory Services

PNGO's Donor Advisory Service connects individuals, foundations and corporations with trusted, high-impact NGOs across Palestine.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Consultancy

Our CSR Services help you find reliable NGOs, compare proposals,and meet the legal requirements.

Due Diligence

NGO Due Diligence

We offer to conduct a detailed Due Diligence on NGOs on behalf of its clients who are either already associated with an NGO partner or those who have shortlisted an appropriate NGO partner for their organization.

“Original and with an innate understanding of their customer’s needs, the team at PNGO are always a pleasure to work with.”

Jane Miller


Since our inception, we have stayed true to our mission: Helping people feel confident & delivering on their success aspirations by rendering excellent services with honesty, ethics and supreme quality.​


Adhere to the highest professional standards by maintaining high standards and conditions for client service, putting client interests first, observing high ethical standards, and preserving client confidences.

Munir Alawi


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